The passion for Cinema made him follow that area in the University of Arts and Design in Caldas da Rainha and later in LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. Today, with a bachelor in Sound and Image, he follows his cinematography vision to create and develope stories and characters. Guilherme made his debut with «Estilhaços | Smithereens», a short film that had his premiere in 2016.

Producer Director | Writer


 Borned in 1994 in Porto, Gonçalo got his bachelor in University of Arts and Design in Caldas da Rainha and LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. He lives by his passion photography, Cinema and video, getting his knowledge in his travels and relations with the people, cultures and thoughts he finds along the way. He’s author of the short film «Vales e Valeiras | Valeys and Dales» (2016), filmed in Castelo de Paiva, Baião and Gondomar.

Director | Dir. Photography | Writer


 Original from Setúbal, he moved to Caldas da Rainha to develop his knowledge in the sound department and get his bachelor in Sound and Image in the University of Arts and Design. More than his own themes, Hugo as produced for other musicians and bands like Tio Rex and To The Fishes. He works as well for Cinema and television, having credits as a sound director in short films and television shows.

Musical Producer Sound Dir. | Sound Designer

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