Snubel has officially produced two short films in 2016 and are always opened for new colaborations and co-productions. At the time being, we are pre-producing  some projects for Cinema and television which later we’ll be anounced.


 A good publicity material is essencial to promote every types of services. Through video and/or photography, we offer a service that follows from the beginning all the process, from the conception of the original idea to the last pixel being edited.


 As the three founders of Snubel are musicians, it’s a great pleasure when we have the opportunity to create a video for a musical theme, making the perfect simbiose between the melody and the visual component. Get in touch with us and let us know your ideas!


 We have a versatile team and all the required equipment for the video, audio and photographic coverage of events: parties, shows, concerts, conferences and so on. Our goal is to capture in an unique way the unforgettable moments that will become promoting material and even a remembrance.


  It’s indispensable a high level of cofidence when hiring a team to photograph and film a wedding. Awared of the importance of these events, Snubel ensures the best level of quality in the images taken in such a special day.

Snubel Air

 Interested in capture aerial footages? For an affordable price, Snubel provides the drone DJI Phantom 4 Pro with a specialized technician to pilot it. With an incorporated camera, it captures images until 4K at 50 frames per second.

Sound and Music Production

 We offer a specialized service of sound productions, that goes from Cinema and television to musical production, providing a studio in Porto, Setúbal and Lisbon. We also offer to design, create and duplicate CD’s at a accessible price.


 The design of a logo, website or even a poster it’s what grabs the client for wanting a product or service. Our team of designers are specialized in fiding the appealing tone, merging it with the aesthetics of the wished concept.

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