«Olhá Curta!» is a project that shows and promotes the work of young and rising portuguese and internacional directors. These sessions always guarantee the presence of at least one of the authors of the films, ready to anwser any question done by the audience and open for a exchanging of ideas and visions. Keep in touch with us to know where and when is the next session.

"Valleys and Dales" by Gonçalo Costa (PT - 2016)

Manuel and Maria are a couple above 60 years old that lives with their grand daughter, Francisca, 14 years old. They live on what the land gives them in a quiet village, very badly subsidized by the government and with extreme economic difficulties. One day their dozen of chickens were stolen. After they try to find out the responsible through the neighbors, they conclude something devastating; an ubiquitous being, untouchable; They reborn; Nothing changes.

"Smithereens" by Guilherme Santa Rita (PT - 2016)

After a life devoted to religion, 73 year old Mónica is now forced to choose between her conception of good and evil in order to help her grandson to stay in school. The only thing he wants to do it's to play football, but Mónica, having some pressure of her neighbors and friends, wants him to succeed in an academic carrer. After the kid broke a window of the school, Mónica will have to get the money to pay so he can keep attending the classes.

"ARTA" by Dārta Putniņa (BE / LAT - 2016)

Suffering from insomnia, Arta develops a hobby of collecting pictures of other people sleeping. One night the girl accidentally locks herself out of the house and is forced to spend the night in the streets, dressed in pyjamas.

"Until Tea Turns Coffee" by Celso Rosa (PT / CV - 2016)

I wasn’t born in Cape Town. I’m the result of the work of my grandparents, but i don’t really know where i’ve come from. She is the only alive representative of that work...

"Condrong" by Gonçalo Almeida (PT / UK / GM - 2015)

A study of the spiritual heritage of the people from The Gambia.

"The Book of Everything" by Joana Alves (PT - 2016)

A youngster, claiming he was toched by god, compromise to write a book about everything.

"God Will Provide" by Luís Porto (PT - 2015)

1984. A village hard to reach. A woman, alone and deeply religious, don't seems to know how to deal with an unwanted pregnancy.

"My River" by Ricardo Teixeira (PT - 2015)

Jorge is tired of his daily life. Suddenly, he decides to take a break. Teresa goes with him to Douro River, and break the weariness with small gestures of craziness and pleasure. Enjoying life, not doing anything, doing a lot. It’s worth it, even if just for a while?

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